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Is It Worth Building a Monorail Along the Merritt? — Cameron on Transportation

Jim Cameron Jim Cameron 8-2-16
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What is this fascination people have with monorails? I can’t tell you how often people suggest them as “the answer” to our state’s clogged roads and rails. “Why don’t we build a monorail down the middle of The Merritt Parkway?” asked an architect at a recent meeting. To my astonishment, such an idea was once studied. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Talk on Merritt Parkway: ‘History and Future of a National Treasure’ Tuesday at Library

Wes Haynes Merritt Parkway Conservancy
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Please join us for a discussion on The Merritt Parkway: History and Future of a National Treasure. We’ll learn about the origin, construction and impact of this historic road that changed the design of American roads and life in Fairfield County, the challenges it faces, and what needs to be done to ensure its future as a safe and beautiful drive. (more…) Continue Reading →

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