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Board Members Named to Thriving Youth Task Force, James Palmieri and Shelly Skoglund Named Co-Chairs

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Darien Police Detective James Palmieri will be joining the Thriving Youth Task Force (TYTF) as the community co-chair for 2019-2020. — an announcement from the Thriving Youth Task Force

Palmieri, the first school resource officer for Darien High School, has shown unparalleled commitment to Darien’s youth since joining the force a decade ago. He is currently a youth detective for the Darien Police Department, where he spearheaded the implementation of a Juvenile Review Board and runs programs which focus on juvenile education, safety and enforcement. First Selectman Jayme Stevenson lauded the appointment, saying “Having Detective James Palmieri join the Thriving Youth Task Force as co-chair along with Shelly Skoglund and the entire TYTF leadership team underscores the dedication our law enforcement and community at large has to supporting the wellbeing of our children. “As Darien’s first Darien High School SRO, James brings a unique perspective to his new role helping to lead efforts to build resilience, help kids make smart and healthy decisions and develop the skills needed to navigate life.”

The TYTF, created in 2008 under the leadership of the Community Fund of Darien, brings together leadership from the town, the public schools, parent organizations and social service organizations to develop strategies and programs that promote and empower positive youth development.