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Americares Has Medical Team on the Ground in the Bahamas in Wake of Hurricane Dorian

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Americares has deployed an emergency medical team to the Bahamas to meet the immediate health needs of families left homeless by Hurricane Dorian. Starting Wednesday, the team has been providing essential primary care services and lifesaving medicines, in a Nassau, Bahamas evacuation shelter housing more than 400 children and adults. The evacuees include families from the most devastated areas, including the Abaco and Grand Bahama islands. “With health centers damaged or destroyed there is an urgent need to treat survivors with injuries and serious health conditions,” Americares Emergency Response Team Leader Sambhavi Cheemalapati said from Nassau. “We are seeing the biggest demand in evacuation shelters filled with the most vulnerable survivors.

Hurricane Dorian Bahamas Americares

Americares Sends Emergency Response Team to the Bahamas

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An Americares emergency response team is arriving in the Bahamas today to assist the Hurricane Dorian relief efforts. The storm slammed into Grand Bahama Island on Sunday afternoon as a Category 5 hurricane, flattening entire communities, destroying roads and leaving portions of the island nation under water. — an announcement from Americares

“Thousands of families have been displaced and are in need of immediate assistance,” said Americares Vice President of Emergency Programs Kate Dischino. “We have an emergency team in country and medical aid and relief supplies ready to ship. Americares is focused on meeting survivors’ most urgent health needs.”

Americares emergency response experts will be actively assessing health needs in the Bahamas, preparing emergency shipments of medicine and relief supplies and coordinating with national and local organizations responding to the crisis.

Hurricane Dorian

As Dorian Moves Closer, Hurricane Preparation Tips for Boat Owners from the Greenwich Harbormaster

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Greenwich Harbormaster Ian MacMillan said with communities along the South East coast are bracing for Dorian, which has rapidly intensified into a Category 4 hurricane, now is as good a time as any to remind local mariners to go over their preparations. — This article is adapted from one in Dorian may strike with life-threatening storm surge and destructive winds are expected. Dorian is also generating dangerous surf and rip currents, and (if it follows the general predictions for it’s path this week) a surge along the East Coast. “The most remarkable thing about this storm is how slowly it’s moving, because that builds a bigger surge,” MacMillan said on Labor Day.  “This is as good time as any for local mariners to go over their preparations.”

Hurricane Preparedness Steps
MacMillan offered the following steps to prepare vessels in the event of a storm, but said these actions should be practiced as a standard, since unnamed and unpredicted storms can also cause significant damage.

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Americares Girds Up for Hurricane Dorian, with Medicine and Supplies for Florida

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Americares is deploying an emergency response team to Florida and readying shipments of relief supplies as Hurricane Dorian intensifies. The storm is expected to make landfall on Florida’s east coast early next week as a major hurricane, bringing torrential rains and wind speeds up to 130 mph, according to the National Hurricane Center. — an announcement from Americares

“Hurricane Dorian has the potential to cause significant damage and millions of people are in its path,” said Americares Director of Emergency Response Brian Scheel. “Our relief workers are ready to help address the most pressing health needs of families affected by the storm.”

Hurricane Dorian strengthened Wednesday night as it passed Puerto Rico, producing heavy rainfall in Vieques and Culebra — two islands hard hit by Hurricane Maria. Forecasters warned of an increased risk of dangerous storm surge and higher winds as the storm heads toward Florida’s east coast.