Genealogy Toolkit: Adoption, Unknown Parentage, and Misattributed Paternity

Join Middlesex Genealogical Society at the Darien Library on Saturday, Nov. 9, 2019 for a 1 p.m. social hour and 2 p.m. presentation by professional genealogist Jennifer Armstrong Zinck. Genealogy Toolkit: Adoption, Unknown Parentage, and Misattributed Paternity

DNA is a powerful tool to confirm a lineage for those who know their family history. For those who don’t, it can be life-changing. Learn about the most popular tools and techniques used in genealogy for adoption, unknown parent or grandparent, and misattributed parent situations.

Ida Ransom Daughters of the American Revolution 10-26-17

Daughters of the American Revolution Holds Genealogy Workshop

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When Darien’s Good Wife’s River Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution sponsors its annual genealogy workshop on Sunday afternoon, Nov. 5, Connecticut DAR Lineage Research Chairman Ida Ransom will be the keynote speaker. Ms. Ransom will present a program titled: ‘Honoring Your Ancestors.”


— an announcement from the Good Wife’s River Chapter of DAR


Current and prospective DAR members will be on hand to help with and participate in the DAR application process. Membership in the DAR is open to any woman over the age of 18 who can trace her direct lineage to a Patriot whose last act was to fight for or give material aid to the cause of American Independence. Ida is a teacher by education and an administrator by profession.

Geneology Drop-In Help at Darien Library

Do you want to get started on your family history? Or do you know exactly where you’re getting stuck and need help. Skilled genealogists can help! He can help you find elusive ancestors’ military records, census data, birth certificates and more using Library Edition, Heritage Quest, and FamilySearch. To find them, just come to the Second Level and ask the Reference Librarian for the Writers Room!