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Just How Much Food Do We Throw Away? In CT, $800+ a Year: Ways To Do Better

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If you want to help the environment by reducing waste, reducing the amount of food and food scraps you throw out is a big component. According to a recent survey, if you could avoid toss out the average amount for a Connecticut household, that amounts to $873 a year, or over a fifth (21 percent) of what the normal household spends — you’d save money you could spend on yourself or others. Joining the new Darien Food Scrap Recycling Program is one way to do it. In addition to that (or instead of it, if food scrap recycling is one additional task too many for you), just knowing when you don’t really have to throw out food may help you cut down on the amount. (In this article we’ve included information from experts about how safe it is to keep certain food refrigerated.)

A survey of how much food we throw out, broken down by state, was paid for by New York City-based Klein Kitchen & Bath, a remodel and design firm.