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New Kitchen Appliances Can Save You Time, Money, Energy, Water and Reduce Stress, Eversource Says

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Whether your holiday menu includes a family recipe passed down for generations or a new dish from the latest Tasty video, food is typically the main attraction at festive gatherings. — This article by Enoch Lenge, Eversource’s energy efficiency spokesman, is from his blog on the utility’s website. To reduce the stress of cooking this holiday season, here is an essential appliance guide that can help you save time, money, and energy while also reducing your impact on the environment:

Refrigerators – Preparing a variety of dishes the night before and storing them in an ENERGY STAR certified refrigerator will make it easier to keep everything cool and enjoy time with friends and family instead of minding the stove. It will also save you time, energy, and more than $300 over five years. If an energy-efficient refrigerator arrives in time for holiday celebrations, you can dispose of your current refrigerator responsibly.

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Hosting an Outdoor Party Before the End of Summer? Make It an Opportunity To Get Energy Efficient

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Summer is the best time for get-togethers with family and friends. So, if it’s your turn to host, don’t miss out on energy savings opportunities that are as close as your deck or backyard. —Editor’s note:  This article by Enoch Lenge, an energy-efficiency spokesman for Eversource, is from his blog on the Eversource.com website. It seems a bit late in the summer for these kinds of energy-saving projects, but you can certainly still make changes this now, save a bit and save more next year — especially if you have a swimming pool and especially if you heat it. And you’ll be doing your part to help the environment.

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You May Save Money with a More Energy Efficient Cooling System

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By Enoch Lenge

Your current cooling system may still be operating, but there’s a chance it may not be running efficiently and running up your electric bill. As the summer heat continues over the next couple of months, take a look at your current system and see if it’s time to upgrade to an energy efficient cooling system. ____________

— This is part of a series of articles from Energize Connecticut, an initiative of the Energy Efficiency Fund, the Connecticut Green Bank, the State, and local electric and gas utilities. Enoch Lenge is an energy efficiency expert with Eversource and Energize Connecticut. ____________

Whether you are considering central air or purchasing a room air conditioning unit, you should always look for the Energy Star label. These units are certified by the Department of Energy to use less energy.