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Darien RTM Approves Teachers Union Contract, Ox Ridge Land Purchase

Seth Morton podium 02-28-17
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The Representative Town Meeting on Monday approved a three-year teachers union contract that raises salaries by an average of 3.4 percent each year but is expected to result in some other savings. (more…) Continue Reading →

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RTM to Vote Monday on Teachers Union Contract — the Biggest Part of the Town’s Next Three Budgets

Town Hall
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Two Representative Town Meeting committees have each voted to recommend that the full RTM, when it meets Monday night, approve the teachers union contract. The proposed three-year Darien teachers union contract will be the single largest expenditure made by the town — not just for the coming fiscal year, but for the two that follow it, as well. Once the RTM vote is taken, that expenditure of tens of millions of dollars a year will be locked in, essentially, unavailable for either the Board of Education or RTM to change for three years. Most of the town’s education spending is on teacher’s salaries, and town education spending is close to 70 percent of the entire town budget. The RTM’s vote will be the final one, putting the contract into effect starting July 1 and ending June 30, 2020.  (more…) Continue Reading →

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Full Statement: Teachers Union President States Objections to Plan for Department Chairs

Joslyn DeLancey Darien Education Association Teachers Union 02-16-17
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Joslyn DeLancey, an elementary school teacher and president of the Darien Education Association, spoke to the Board of Educaton on Jan. 10, giving the teacher union’s reaction to Superintendent of Schools Dan Brenner’s proposal for six new academic department chairs for the high school and middle school. (Since then, a second department chair for special education has been added to the proposal, bringing the total to seven.) (more…) Continue Reading →

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