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Darien Police Advice to Teens, Parents on Driving to and from School — Safely

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The members of the Darien Police Department would like to take this opportunity to remind motorists that the first day of school is Thursday, Aug. 30. With that date in mind we would like to provide the following safety tips in an effort to keep our children safe as the school year approaches. — an announcement from Darien Police Department

Slow Down in School Zones: Speed limits are reduced in school zones for a reason. Eliminate Distractions: Do not text or use your hand held cell phone while driving.


Police Chief: Thefts From (and of) Unlocked Vehicles Continues to Follow Pretty Uniform Pattern

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Police Chief Ray Osborne recently responded to questions from Darien Police Commission Chairman J. Paul Johnson about the pattern typically followed by thieves stealing from vehicles Darien drivers leave unlocked outside overnight. “We’ve had some success in making arrests,” Osborne said. “The Detective Division is working very hard on this latest rash, and we do have some viable leads on that. We’ll be following up as best we can.” “Do we have any idea whether this is a kind of planned group that is doing this, or just individuals?”

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Darien Victim of IRS Phone Scam Loses $5,800 After Being Told to Pay With Apple Gift Cards

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A 45-year-old Darien resident of Hollow Tree Ridge Road got the call that scammed her out of thousands of dollars last Friday morning. A male identifying himself as a collector for the IRS told her she owed back taxes to the federal government, and if she didn’t pay up by noon her husband would be subject to arrest. She withdrew $5,800 from her bank. She was then directed to go to an Apple store and buy Apple gift cards, which she did. Police didn’t say, but usually in these scams, the person on the other end of the line tells the victim not to hang up the phone while getting the money and then arranging to have it sent somehow.