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Darien Police Offer Businesses Tips on Avoiding Wire Fraud

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Darien police have just offered tips on how to avoid having your business become a victim of wire fraud. Recently, two Darien businesses — a travel agency and a real estate business — were scammed by hackers who got into a top executive’s email account and issued directives to have money wired. The travel agency lost $10,000. The real estate business lost $48,600. Here’s the complete tip sheet, as posted on Facebook by Darien police:
Town of Darien Business Alert System
Issued by: Det.

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Twice in a Week, Men Saying They’re Utility Workers Try to Get into Darien Homes

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If you didn’t ask a utility to send someone over to your home, be suspicious if someone shows up saying he or she is from Aquarion or Experian or Yankee Gas and wants to come in. That just happened twice in a one-week period in Darien. In one case on Fitch Avenue on Nov. 23, an elderly man let a worker in, but he left after the resident asked a question indicating he was suspicious, and nothing is known to be taken. In another case, on Locust Hill Road on Nov.

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While You’re on Vacation, Don’t Let Burglars in

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An announcement from Darien Police:

Home security tips while you’re on vacation: 

An empty house is a tempting target for a burglar so make sure you do your best to have your home look occupied while you are away:

Ask close friends, family, or neighbors to watch your house. Give them your contact information in case they need to get a hold of you. Never announce your intention on traveling or vacationing blogs, email groups, Facebook, Twitter, or other social networking sites and remember if you check-in on Foursquare or Facebook, everyone knows you aren’t home! Install good locks on the doors and windows and use them. Never leave a house key hidden outside of your home.