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Letter from Friends of Animals: Fencing, Not a Kill Permit, Is What’s Needed to Protect Pets from Coyotes

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To the editor:
The incident involving an attack on two dogs in Tokeneke is a most unfortunate event, but there is no reason why Darien residents should react by applying for kill permits from DEEP [the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection]. First, an invisible fence is not sufficient to keep dogs on one’s property protected because that electric fence won’t prevent other dogs, foxes or coyotes from entering one’s yard. There is fencing that will protect dogs and prevent wildlife from entering one’s property — but it’s five-foot woven-wire stationery fencing with extenders facing outward at the top of each post, not invisible fencing. Fencing needs to extend at least 8 inches below the surface, or have a galvanized-wire apron that extends out from the fence at least 15 inches. Prevention is the best strategy for minimizing encounters and conflicts with coyotes, foxes and other indigenous wildlife who shouldn’t be persecuted.