Pasture Lane House Sells for $2.1M and Other Darien Home Sales


15 Pasture Lane, Darien

These properties recently were sold in Darien, according to the Town Clerk’s Office:

15 Pasture Lane, Darien

15 Pasture Lane, Darien


  • 142 Holmes Ave. — Buffy Zaro to Daniel Flynn and Xiaohong Chen, sold June 23, filed June 25, $1,237,000
  • 5 Richmond Dr. — Thomas Sniffen and Brenda Sniffen to Paul Lucas and Heather Lucas, sold June 24, filed June 25, $1,400,000
  • 527 Middlesex Road — Scott St. John and Margery St. John to Henry Wilson and Lynne Wilson, sold and filed June 25, $4,375,000
  • 41 Hancock Lane — Andrew Dietterle and Mary Dietterle to Scott St. John and Margery St. John, sold June 19, filed June 26, $3,325,000
  • 16 Fairfield Ave. — Robert Campbell and Peter Campbell to John Houlihan, M. Cynthia Houlihan and Sara Kent, sold and filed June 29, $645,000
  • 96 Hecker Ave. — Robert Hathaway and Kimberly Hathaway to Merrill Collins, sold June 19, filed June 29, $803,000
  • 72 Middlesex Road — Michael Calandra and Kristin Kalandra to Jeffrey Hung and Kristen Hung, sold June 25, filed June 29, $912,000
  • 15 Pasture Lane — Eloy Nava and Dian Nava, sold and filed June 30, $2,125,000 — PICTURED
  • 142 Five Mile River Road — Marta Elders to Robert Robison and Barbara Smithers, sold and filed June 30, $3,725,000

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Cooking Oil Thefts 2016


Police: Two Cooking Oil Thieves Arrested Behind Restaurant

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Two Yonkers men were caught trying to steal used cooking oil from behind a Darien restaurant at 6:50 a.m., Friday 2000 , police said. Usually, that would be a good time to steal the oil. After all, restaurant employees, and most other people, would not be around. Except at Lithos restaurant at 319 Post Road, because the owner also owns the next-door Darien Diner, which tends to be busier at 6:50 a.m.

Police described what happened next with this account (including accusations not proven in court):

The owner told police that he saw the two men trying to steal the oil. Police arriving at the scene found the men with a dark blue Econoline van parked near the used cooking oil dumpster.