Jim Cameron Jim Cameron 8-2-16

Speeding Kills About 100 a Day in the U.S. — and We Can Avoid That: Cameron on Transportation

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Speed kills — and I don’t just mean methamphetamines. Speeding on our roads is linked to more than 36,000 deaths each year in the United States. That’s almost 700 deaths a week — 100 a day. If 100 people die in a plane crash, we go nuts, but if they die on our roads, we see it as the cost of doing business. As one blogger put it: “It’s high time to stop sacrificing safety on the altar of speed.”

Most of those 36,000 deaths are pedestrians or bicyclists, but tens of thousands of those deaths involve the motorists in the cars tied to the accidents caused by distracted driving, drinking, drugs or fatigue.