Jim Cameron Jim Cameron 8-2-16

My Lead Foot, My Hybrid Car — and Your Gas Saving: Cameron on Transportation

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I like to go fast. Really fast. Nothing makes me happier than hurtling along to Boston on Acela at 145 mph, even if those sprints are brief, or catching the jet-stream on a flight and hitting 600 mph. And nothing frustrates me more, like you, than being in slow-moving, bumper-to-bumper traffic on Interstate 95, that highway’s normative state. But I’m also thrifty, some might even say “cheap,” especially when it comes to buying gasoline.


Letter: Response to Jim Cameron’s Column From a ‘Zombie’

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To the editor:

Jim Cameron’s commentary concerning the issue of highway tolls in Connecticut is unfortunately very out of touch. Sadly when an opposing viewpoint is voiced on a given issue, the voice is labeled by its detractors as trolling, both counterproductive and disturbing.  In elementary school we would simply hold our hands over our ears yelling aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.  Not much has really changed. Highway tolling was not an issue that lost or won an election; it was another issue that was misrepresented by the party that won the governorship. Quoting electoral vote totals does not equate to endorsement of a particular idea. The promise made was for border-only tolls and/or truck only tolls, (which most of us knew to be illegal), a commitment that sits right up there with “you can keep your doctor.”

Purporting residents want highway tolls is another perfect example of Hartford creating a narrative advancing an agenda regardless of population desires.  Congratulations, another false bill of goods sold, not something to be proud of.