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Don’t Let Those Smart Toys You Got Your Kids Outsmart You: Tips From the BBB

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The Better Business Bureau CT urges parents to check out the connected toys and games they buy for their children. You may be surprised to find that, with some toys, privacy is not included. Don’t let your children’s smart toys outsmart you. Do you homework before bringing a smart toy home. — an announcement from the Better Business Bureau of Connecticut

Teddy bears once filled with stuffing are now hard-wired with smart technology.

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College Students: Beware of These Types of Scams — Tips from the Better Business Bureau

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During the transition from high school to college many students and parents are faced with tuition payments, financial aid and scholarship applications, and often have to purchase a new laptop or tablet. These are all things that could lead to being scammed if not careful. According to the BBB Institute for Marketplace Trust, consumers ages 18 to 24 are three times more likely than seniors to fall victim to a scam. According to 2018’s BBB’s ScamTracker Risk Report, 41.6% of students reported a loss when exposed to a scam as compared to 28.3% of non-students. With college students being the primary target for scams, Better Business Bureau Serving Connecticut (BBB) has some useful tips and warnings for college students and their families:

—Fake Credit Cards — It’s not a secret that deals which appear to be a quick and easy way to spend money are offered to college students to get them to apply for their first credit card.