Darien Library 1894 Day banner from dl website 2021

Darien Library’s ‘1894 Day’ Free Celebration (and Fundraiser) Coming This Wednesday, May 26

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Darien Library celebrates its “1894 Day” this Wednesday, May 26, with an ice cream truck, a special craft station, a guest book you can sign that will go into Darien’s time capsule — and a request for donations. Every donor gets an “exclusive giveaway,” the library says — and that’s in addition to what the library does for free, year-round. “Our goal is to raise $127,000 in 24 hours from our incredibly generous Friends and community members who continue to enjoy the programs, services, and collections of our library each and every day, even from home during these unprecedented times,” the library says in an announcement. You can stop by the library courtyard from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to participate, or donate online any time that day. Each donor who participates in 1894 Day will receive a special gift at the following suggested contribution levels:

$12.70: A Darien Library car magnet
$127: A Darien Library water bottle
$1,270: A custom Weatherman Darien Library umbrella
$12,700: All of these items plus extra Darien Library swag!