‘Seven Ways to End Homework Battles’ — Free Parent Seminar Jan 23 at the Depot

The Depot S4 Study Skills seminar for parents homework battles
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Parents will learn how to motivate their student and end the homework power struggle in a one-hour, interactive free parent seminar on Jan. 23 at the Depot Youth Center.

— an announcement from the Depot Youth Center

The seminar, “Seven Ways to End Homework Battles: Challenges and Solutons,” is presented by S4 Study Skills and takes place at 7 p.m. at the Depot, 25 Heights Road.

Parents will leave knowing how to support their homework practice, and how to motivate them to action to get results without a meltdown.

While there’s no charge for the program, registration is requested. Bring a friend!

What parents will learn:

•          How to avoid power struggles and homework meltdowns

•          Why students procrastinate, cram, and sabotage their efforts

•          How to reduce stress around homework

•          When to let go, and when to step in

•          How to keep your student on task when they are doing homework

•          Strategies to encourage, motivate and boost your student’s homework practice

For more information, please call: 203-307-5455, or email us

More info: https://successfulstudyskills4students.com/darien

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