Police: Phony Check Cashed in Queens from Darien Woman’s Bank Account

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A Georgian Lane woman took a look online at her bank account on Wednesday, March 25 and immediately noticed that a cashed check looked suspicious, and when she accessed an image of the check, she knew it was fraudulent.

Darien police gave these other details about the incident:

She knew it was a phony check because the check number was out of sequence, the stock was different than her checks and the payee was unfamiliar to her.

Looking further into her account history, she saw that a fraudulent withdrawal had been made on March 20 in Queens, New York.

The woman notified her bank and arranged for a new account, and on March 27 notified Darien police.

The police announcement didn’t say how much was stolen through the check or give any indication of how the thief got the woman’s bank account number.

The victim notified her banking institution of the fraudulent activity and made arrangements to open a new account.

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