Police: Darien Boy, 16, Caught with Marijuana at Woodland Park After 10 PM

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Allowed to use his family’s black SUV last Wednesday night, a 16-year-old Darien boy used it to take marijuana to Woodland Park, police said.

Darien police gave this account of what happened, including accusations that might be used if the boy is charged with a crime (although he wasn’t as of Monday morning):

A police officer on patrol came by at 10:26 p.m. and noticed the SUV in the park after hours. The officer pulled into the parking lot off of Middlesex Road to tell the person in the vehicle to leave the park, which closes at dusk.

When the officer approached, the boy left the SUV from the driver’s side door and ran off into the woods.

The officer approached the vehicle to see if there was anyone else inside. He didn’t find anyone, but looking through the windows, the officer saw a silver canister, an “herbal grinder” and a pack of rolling papers inside.

The officer called the registered owner of the SUV, who turned out to be a parent of the boy. The parent called the son by cell phone, and the boy emerged out of the woods to speak with officers.

The vehicle was searched. Along with the items just mentioned, police found marijuana in the grinder, marijuana in the silver canister, a “one hitter” smoking pipe and two electronic cigarettes.


The boy was released to his parents’ custody and was told the case would be referred to the Police Department’s Youth Division.

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