Letters on the Wood/Klein Election for 141st District State Representative

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Randy Klein, a Democrat, is challenging Republican state Rep. Terrie Wood in the 141st House District, covering parts of Norwalk and Darien.

These letters are from Spencer McIlmurray, Beth Tortorici, Marianne Gutierrez, Mary Forman Flynn, Jan and Chip Raymond, Meg and David Orner, Bianca McKinney, Ron Hammer, Amy Cammann Cholnoky, David Bayne, Claudia Newton, Noelle DeLeo, Nada Content, Nicky Ballard and Dennis Lyall:

Wood Should Be Reaching Across Aisle, Not Disdaining Opposition

To the editor:

Recent commentary and campaign collateral touting Terrie Wood’s candidacy for re-election are woefully sparse when it comes to citing significant accomplishments made during her tenure as state representative.  This is particularly noteworthy given that she is in her fourth term, not her first.


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Politicians deserving re-election are adept at identifying core constituent needs, crafting solutions, and engaging others — regardless of party — to get necessary legislation passed.

They own legislation from the outset (rather than simply tagging “co-sponsorship” at the eleventh hour).  They do not blame their ineffectiveness on voters and minority party affiliation.  They build coalitions with opposition leaders rather than routinely showing them public disdain.

Our state needs leaders in Hartford who can get the right things done in the right way. We do not need to re-elect politicians known more for being “curious,” “likable,” and “concerned” than for delivering meaningful results.

Vote for Randy Klein.

— Spencer McIlmurray

Klein’s Business Experience Good for Legislature

Twenty-six year Darien resident Randy Klein’s life work has been dedicated to transportation mobility. Randy started his company from the ground up nearly 40 years ago serving the Connecticut community. Being president of his company has enabled him to learn to be an effective, impactful leader.

Randy volunteered in the past with little league and youth hockey and is now running for state representative of the 141st district in Darien, Rowayton, and parts of Norwalk. Randy’s ability to create jobs and and build a company from the bottom up are two essential values that we could use to better the state of Connecticut.

— Beth Tortorici

Klein’s Experience Will Get Job Done & Serve Constituents

You can’t start your own business from the ground up, and see that business grow and thrive over the course of a 36-year career without having the ability to get the job done.

Randy Klein has built a record of serving his customers, and I know that he will serve his constituents with the same vigor as our state representative. As a father of three, he believes in keeping our children safe, and will work to pass legislation that will limit the number of guns that can be purchased at one time.

And he will work to balance our budget by bringing lessons from the private sector to politics, such as capping the governor’s bonding authority. On Nov. 8 lets make the right choice and elect Randy Klein for state representative.

— Marianne Gutierrez

Wood Has Knowledge & Passion; Ehlers Understands Problems

I have known Terrie Wood for many years and continue to be impressed by her knowledge of and passion for the issues important to Darien residents. I first got to know Terrie when she ran the Yes DHS! campaign to ensure that a new high school was built. She worked tirelessly then for the students and families in Darien and continues to do so today as our representative in Hartford.

Greg Ehlers understands the problems Darien and our state are currently facing and has a sound, viable plan to help make Connecticut stronger, and in turn, our local communities.

In this very important election year, it is critical that we send representatives to Hartford who will not only represent the needs of Darien residents, but will also help to turn around Connecticut’s financial crisis. Please — join me and vote for Terrie Wood and Greg Ehlers on Nov. 8

— Mary Forman Flynn

Klein Will Address Transportation Problems
Randy Klein 3-28-16

Randy Klein

Randy Klein, Democratic candidate for the 141st state House of Representatives District (contributed photo)

There are many reasons to support Randy Klein. We would like to address just one. Darien needs leadership that will address the challenges facing our transportation infrastructure.

Too much time and money is wasted stuck in traffic, or waiting for a trains that run  late.  Randy Klein has run his own transportation company for 36 years. As a small business owner,  he will make traffic congestion and commuter issues top priorities as our state representative.

He will work with Republicans and Democrats to make the transportation “lock box,” which has been talked about for years, a reality.  This fund will ensure that transportation focused projects get funded and get done. Randy has produced results in his business.

He will produce results as our state representative. Darien deserves results oriented representation.  It’s time for Randy Klein for state representative.

— Jan and Chip Raymond

Wood Works Hard and Across the Aisle

We can’t let the noise at the top of the ticket distract us from the importance of electing capable, fiscally conservative local representatives like Terrie Wood.

Terrie is one of those increasingly rare politicians working hard for her constituents by looking for solutions to the problems that our state is facing, rather than pointing the finger at the other party.

She is clear-eyed about the causes of our state’s current fiscal crisis. Her work to make necessary structural changes and craft long term budget solutions is critical to returning Connecticut to a path of fiscal stability and sustainable growth.

In this period of unproductive partisanship, she has spent her time in Hartford gaining the trust and respect of her colleagues. Her willingness and ability to work cooperatively with members of both parties is a strong positive, and should be applauded.

In Terrie’s words “Together we can and we will!”

— Meg and David Orner

Klein Will Help Small Businesses

Randy Klein will bring bipartisan problem-solving to Hartford as state representative. His leadership abilities stem from running his own transportation company that he started nearly forty years ago.

He has the ability to identify unique solutions to create job opportunities in Connecticut. Like many of us, he wants to lower the cost of raising a family and starting a business in Connecticut.

Randy plans to update regulations to ease the burden on small business owners in the hopes to allow more businesses to form and remain stable. Join me in supporting Randy Klein for state representative.

— Bianca McKinney

Wood Has Incredible Passion for Mental Health, Substance Abuse Issues

As the former head of Emergency Medical Services for the Town of Darien, I had the pleasure to work with Terrie Wood on a number of occasions.

Like many, I believe Terrie’s responsible approach to fiscal spending, her willingness to cross the aisle, and her general common sense serve us all well at the state level. But for those that may not be aware and are undecided or worse, indifferent, it is her concern and drive for non-political issues that truly set Terrie apart.

Terrie has long shown incredible passion for issues regarding mental health and substance abuse. She has identified opioid addiction as a major problem both nationally as well as here in Darien and has fought for solutions. I know Terrie will continue to push for action and will not settle for mediocrity there or anywhere else her instincts take her.

— Ron Hammer

Wood Listens, Is Respectful, Isn’t Dogmatic, Works Hard

I have had the pleasure of being Terrie Wood’s neighbor for 20 years.

Terrie Wood 5-18-16

Terrie Wood / Terrie Wood

State Rep. Terrie Wood (R-141st District)

Many of us on St. Nicholas Road are big walkers, and Terrie and I often walk the “hills” of Fox Hill and Peach Hill. It gives us ample time to sort out the world, news of our kids and parents, and also talk politics.

I can honestly say that there is no one I’d rather talk politics with than Terrie! Though we come from opposite sides of the aisle, we find a great deal of agreement on most subjects.

The attributes she brings to a neighborly conversation about politics, she also brings to Hartford: Terrie is an excellent listener. Terrie is respectful of differences of opinion and is not dogmatic. Terrie does her homework. She is not only smart but wise. And she works really, really hard.

In short, we in Darien are exceptionally fortunate to have Terrie Wood as our representative – and you can count me among the Darien Democrats who are proud to be “Terrie-crats”!

— Amy Cammann Cholnoky

Klein Knows Easing Congestion Is Key to Strengthening CT’s Economy

As a small business owner, Randy Klein has the experience necessary to help Connecticut create jobs, nurture businesses and ease regulatory burdens on small business owners.

Balancing Connecticut’s budget is Randy’s priority, and he will promote creative solutions to grow Connecticut’s economy to bring the budget into balance while limiting the suffering creating by budget deficits.

For example, Randy owns a car service and has first-hand experience with the business disruptions caused by Connecticut’s aging highways. He recognizes that easing transportation congestion is the key to strengthening Connecticut’s economy, balancing the budget and keeping Darien a desirable community.

As a commuter, I believe that it is essential that Darien have a state representative focused on transportation issues. Randy Klein has precisely the kind of practical experience and focus that Darien needs. Please join me in voting for Randy Klein as Darien’s next state representative.

— David Bayne

Wood Has Worked Tirelessly for EMS Safety, Mental Health & Substance Abuse Measures

I have worked with Terrie Wood for the past 15 years on various town committees, and as a long-time active AEMT at Darien Post 53.  I can assure you that Terrie has worked tirelessly for our safety through EMS bills, and is now taking on the very real opioid/heroin epidemic that threatens to darken our town and Connecticut.

Terrie, as co-chair of the mental health part of the Gun Safety bill passed in the wake of Sandy Hook, understands the importance of addressing mental health and addiction issues.

She’s championing the vital public health initiative on opioid abuse with the same determination and knowledge to help curb this insidious plague that threatens the lives of our town’s citizens, especially our younger population.  I respect and trust her abilities wholeheartedly and support Terrie Wood for the office of state representative.

— Claudia Newton

Klein Wants to Expand Metro-North Service

A person who founds a transportation company nearly 40 years ago, thrives during two recessions, and Connecticut’s supposed “unfriendly business climate,” is undoubtedly an expert in their field. We’re lucky that person is state rep candidate Randy Klein. Randy understands transportation and how important it is to upgrade the state’s infrastructure to help our economy prosper.

His plan includes creating a safeguarded transportation fund. He has also proposed to expand Metro-North, so that is geared toward inter-town service—greatly increasing access to Connecticut residents. Increased transportation access is a proven method of attracting businesses looking to relocate or startups.

Darien, Rowayton, and Norwalk deserve someone who is independent minded and understands what our area needs for businesses to thrive. We deserve strong representation that is results-oriented, not someone who is just a rubber stamp for either party. It’s time to elect Randy Klein.

— Noelle DeLeo

Klein Would Limit Governor’s Bonding Authority

The challenges facing the state need effective and independent leadership now more than ever. Randy Klein has stepped up with solid ideas to address the crucial areas of job growth, transportation, and the state budget. His experience as a business owner in the transportation industry prove that he knows what it takes for businesses to thrive in our state.

Randy’s plan to support infrastructure growth through safeguarded funding is crucial for job growth. His proposal to limit the bonding authority of the governor on non-economic development projects, while downsizing state authorities by consolidating their duplicate functions are crucial to balancing the budget.

Randy’s transportation proposals coupled with investments in Connecticut’s growth industries like biosciences and large scale manufacturing will bring jobs to our area and state. Hartford needs more people that have real experience as job creators to help fix these problems.

Let’s elect Randy Klein as our next State Representative.

— Nada Content

Klein Will Fight to Make Sure Local Schools Get Fair Share of State Funding

Connecticut’s children deserve a first rate education no matter what zip code they live in. Randy Klein knows this, and I am confident that He will fight for our children, and work to end the system of pitting school districts against one another in a competition for state funding.

His three-point plan to make education funding predictable and equitable will ensure all children, regardless of ability, get the education resources they deserve. He has also been an outspoken proponent of local control of schools.

If Randy is elected, he has pledged to stay in Hartford as long as it takes to make sure the district gets it fair share in ECS funding. Randy knows that these issues are fought in Hartford, not at home. Please join me in supporting Randy Klein in this year’s election for state representative.

— Nicky Ballard

Klein Understands the Natural Environment is Threatened

Randy Klein, candidate for state representative, recognizes that our environment is our most precious resource, and it must be protected for generations to come. As a father he understands that we cannot put our children’s generation in jeopardy by ignoring such a complicated and vital issue.

While the Republican platform and state Republican officials deny the existence of climate change, smart candidates like Randy understand the very real threat of environmental issues on all facets of life.

As a business owner, Randy has seen how economic growth and environmental protection go hand in hand. Randy will support programs that will make it easier for businesses to be environmentally responsible and economically profitable. Join me in voting for Randy Klein for state representative.

Dennis Lyall

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