Identity Theft from Credit Cards Stolen Out of a Gym Locker — That the Victim Said Was Locked

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A man told Darien police that he believed several of his credit cards were stolen from his wallet while it was locked in a locker at the Equinox gym at 72 Heights Road.

Here’s what police said they were told:

The man locked his belongings in the locker of the gym at about 11:45 a.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 22. After working out, he returned to his locker, unlocked it and left with his belongings.

John Hewat of Canberra, Australia

Photo by John Hewat of Canberra, Australia on Wikimedia Commons

Lockers in a changing room (not Equinox Darien)

Not long afterward, he received a fraud alert from one of the issuers of his credit cards. He was asked if he had just tried to make a $2,975.62 purchase at the Apple Store in Greenwich.

He checked his wallet to find four credit cards missing. He cancelled them all to prevent any more theft attempts. He called police at 2:22 p.m.

It was unclear from the police report what kind of lock was used to secure his locker, why the man was sure he still had his credit cards when he locked the locker, or how long it had been between the time the man had last seen any of the missing credit cards and the time he locked the locker.

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