‘How to Set the Boundaries Your Child Needs to Thrive’ Online Workshop on March 9

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“Creating a Family Frame: How to Set the Boundaries Your Child Needs to Thrive,” a free virtual workshop, will be presented on Wednesday evening, March 9.

an announcement from the Darien Thriving Youth Task Force

Children and teens are eager to explore their world and test limits, but they also need their parents to set boundaries in order to keep them physically and emotionally safe.

How do parents walk the line between respecting this important drive for independence with creating a family frame of expectations & rules to help them grow & thrive?

How to Set Boundaries for Your Child Thriving Youth Taskforce webinar

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The March 9 event is free.

Learn more about “creating a family frame” that can help parents navigate challenging conversations & situations around independence and substance use, helping build a strong & healthy relationship with their children.

Georgette Harrison, a licensed professional counselor from the Child Guidance Center of Southern Connecticut, and Tracey Masella, licensed clinical social worker in affiliation with Silver Hill Hospital, will present the workshop.

If You’re Attending …

The presentation starts at 7 p.m., Wednesday, March 9, on Zoom.com

To attend, you’ll need to register here.

About TYTF

The Thriving Youth Task Force (TYTF) is a volunteer coalition that convenes local community organizations to promote and empower positive youth development, with the goal of reducing teen substance use.

The diverse group includes mental health, substance use and healthcare professionals as well as leaders from the schools, police, town government and clergy.

TYTF members have also provided insight and guidance for the nationally recognized “06820” campaign to examine the impact of alcohol on the teen brain and to encourage healthier attitudes and behaviors.

The TYTF, which is convened by The Community Fund of Darien, was created in 2008 and meets every other month during the school year.  For questions, survey results or more information, please visit www.communityfunddarien.org/thriving-youth-task-force.

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