Got a Monthly Metro-North Ticket? Check Out This Summer Deal

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Metro-North Railroad is welcoming you back with a “Summer Saturdays” program:
Between Saturday, July 3 and Saturday, Aug. 28, Metro-North will honor all monthly tickets for travel to and from all Metro-North stations, regardless of what stations are printed on the ticket.

Monthly ticketholders traveling on these Saturdays will be able to bring up to four additional travelers with them for only $1 per person each way.

This means a Metro-North customer whose monthly ticket is only valid between Grand Central Terminal and Yonkers could ride as far away as Poughkeepsie, Brewster or New Haven.

an announcement from Metro-North

“Bring your friends and family, hop on board and spend your summer with Metro-North,” said Metro-North President Cathy Rinaldi.

The program is also available on Long Island Rail Road for LIRR monthly ticket holders traveling to and from Long Island.  There will be no cross-honoring between the railroads, meaning LIRR customers cannot use their monthly tickets to travel on Metro-North, and vice versa.

Under updated CDC guidance, masks are no longer required on outdoor Metro-North Railroad platforms and bus stops. Once a customer boards a train, masks are required.

All aboard and welcome back!

You can get more details here.

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