Family Spat Leads to Tussling, Which Leads to Police Charges, Which Lead to Court

Police Darien Police 02-01-17
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An argument between a father and mother as they cared for their young daughter got violent, and each parent was charged with disorderly conduct last Thursday and issued misdemeanor summonses to appear in court.

(This account includes accusations not proven in court.)

According to police, the father told them: He was trying to feed and change the couple’s daughter when the argument started. As he was walking into the child’s room, the mother pulled his shirt by the neck, ripping it, and struck him on the side of the head several times.

Police said the mother told them: The father grabbed her and pushed her out of the way to get into the child’s room. She tried to take the child from the crib when the father grabbed and pushed her again. He then blocked the doorway when she tried to leave the room.

The father said that the mother hit him with a tray from the child’s high chair the previous night, leaving a scratch on his face. The mother said she had a bruise on her arm but wasn’t sure if it had been caused by the father.

The couple was due in court the next day.
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