Watercolor Workshop for Seniors 2019 Bruce Museum

Explore wet on wet technique and pulled colors with paintbrush in hand. Materials will be provided and light refreshments will be served. For adults over age 55.

There is a $25 charge for each workshop for nonmembers; $20 for Museum members.

an announcement from the Bruce Museum

Join classmates in focusing on watercolor paintings and techniques used by the Averys, through this hands-on workshop led by Dr. Louise Flax, a noted teaching and practicing artist.

Explore the Averys’ use of color with a discussion of the way the Averys used warm and cool hues to create tension and balance in their artwork.

This session’s warm-up activity will be making magic squares based on several of the compositions in the gallery. Then it’s off to the workshop to explore wet on wet technique and pulled colors with paintbrush in hand.

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