Town Eateries Allowed Banners and Sandwich Board Signs in the COVID-19 Era

Sandwich Board Sign

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Sandwich board sign on a sidewalk in Portugal

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In order to help out the town’s restaurants, whose business is expected to suffer when indoor restaurant seating was banned by the governor in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Darien is easing town regulations on banners and “sandwich board” signs.

Here’s the announcement late Wednesday afternoon from Jeremy Ginsberg, town planning & zoning director:

In accordance with state and local temporary mandates, restaurants and food service establishments are now prohibited from allowing patrons to gather at their establishments.

Recognizing that such businesses still provide valuable services to the public by providing food and beverage on a take-out or delivery basis, the Darien Planning and Zoning Department has authorized the temporary suspension of the restrictions of the Darien Zoning Regulations which only allow temporary banners for seven days and which prohibit sandwich board or A-frame type signs.

It is the intent of this action to allow restaurants and food service establishments that are open for take-out and delivery to have a single temporary sandwich board or A-frame type sign on the walkway near the entrance door.

The display area cannot exceed 6 (six) square feet per side. The sandwich board or A-frame type sign cannot obstruct any public sidewalk. In addition, a single temporary banner can be installed to inform the public of the available service. The banner shall not exceed 18 square feet in area and is to be securely fastened to, and flat on, the front wall adjacent to, or above, the entry door.

The sandwich board or A-frame type sign and the banner can include the name of the business and the phone number and/or internet address and/or the hours of operation of the restaurant and food service establishment.

Provided the temporary signs comply with these restrictions, there will be no Zoning or Building Permit application forms or fee for the temporary signs. This permission shall remain in effect until April 30, 2020 at which time the matter will be re-evaluated to determine if it is appropriate to continue.


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