DHS Parents Association to Start ‘Senior Send-Off’ Party for Graduating Seniors


Photo from the DHSPA

DHS Parent Association committee chairs Sheila O'Boyle, Lynne Wilson, Brandi Maniscalco, Karin Sharp and nearly 100 parent volunteers are planning the first-ever "Senior Send-Off," a celebration for the entire Class of 2020.

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After years of discussions with the high school’s administration, parents and community leaders, the Darien High School Parents Association got the green light earlier this fall to start a new tradition — the “Senior SendOff.

Taking place right after the Darien High School prom on Friday, May 15th, the Senior SendOff will be a fun, inclusive, substance-free celebration for all DHS seniors that provides a final opportunity for them to celebrate with their entire graduating class before they head off to senior internships the following week.

— an announcement from the Darien High School Parents Association

Whether students attend prom or not, all DHS seniors are invited to attend. The party’s theme will be a closely guarded secret until students step through the door of the still-secret location that evening, but clues will be given in the weeks leading up to the night full of food, games, entertainment, raffle prizes, memories and more.

Logo Senior Send-Off Logo DHS Senkor Send-Off 2020This celebration is a Darien High School Parents Association (DHSPA) sponsored event being planned and organized by a parent volunteer committee that already boasts nearly 100 parents sworn to secrecy.

It will be funded entirely through donations from parents and the community. There will be no fee to attend, but a donation of $150/student is suggested. Donations can be made via check payable to DHSPA or PayPal on the DHSPA website (www.dhspa.net/seniorsendoff).

Since the date of graduation fluctuates depending on snow days, May 15th was chosen with support from spring coaches since it is the last day of classes for seniors before their senior internship program begins.  Senior prom dates from other grades and other schools may attend, but only DHS seniors will be eligible to win prizes. Invitations to all DHS seniors will be sent after April break.

Students will check in at the as yet undisclosed location between 11:30 p.m. and midnight; doors will close at 12:30 a.m. and students may not enter after this time.

They may leave during the event, but will not be allowed re-entry after checking out. Seniors must be present to win prizes raffled throughout the evening and grand prizes at the end.  Guests (underclassman and non-DHS students) will not be eligible for prizes.

About 98% of the graduating class attends similar celebrations in New Canaan and Wilton, and the DHSPA hopes that once the idea catches hold, Darien seniors will be equally excited about a party created just for them to acknowledge and to celebrate their accomplishments over their Darien school years.

Committee starting Senior Send-Off

Photo from the DHSPA

DHS Parent Association committee chairs Sheila O’Boyle, Lynne Wilson, Brandi Maniscalco, Karin Sharp and nearly 100 parent volunteers are planning the first-ever “Senior Send-Off,” a celebration for the entire Class of 2020.

 “The Senior SendOff is a gift that senior class parents give to their children,” said Brandi Maniscalco, chair of the planning committee. “We want to create a night so spectacular that it becomes one of their favorite memories of their high school career.

“We know we have our work cut out for us to make the Senior SendOff a ‘can’t miss’ event, especially this first year, but we are all committed to keeping our kids safe while giving them a night they’ll never forget,” Maniscalco said. “We hope this is just the start of a tradition that will continue for many, many years to come.”

For more information or to register a student for the Senior SendOff, visit the DHSPA website at www.dhspa.com/seniorsendoff.  To join the planning process — open to parents of all grades — please contact the committee chairs at dhs.seniorsendoff@gmail.com.

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