Depot Fundraiser to Recognize Individuals, Families Who Helped Open Its Doors 30 Years Ago

Wide Blue Jeans and Blazers fundraiser Darien Depot Youth Center 2020
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Celebrating its 30th year, the Depot Youth Center — the oldest teen center in the nation — will be kicking the year off from 7 to 11 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 8 at the Country Club of Darien with its “Blue Jeans and Blazers” fundraiser.

— an announcement from the Depot Youth Center

The event will feature live music with Jump the Gunn, dancing and delicious eats. There will be a special tribute honoring Depot founders Edmund von Schmidt and Carol Bishko.

Going forward, the inaugural “Founders Award” will be given each year to a person who best exemplifies and supports the original Depot mission.

Our mission today is the same mission that Ed and Carol put forth 30 years ago — to build confident youth in our community by offering a safe, connected, inclusive environment; while providing essential programming and leadership development.

Wide Blue Jeans and Blazers fundraiser Darien Depot Youth Center 2020

Along with Carol and Ed, the following individuals and families will be thanked for their valuable contribution to opening the doors of The Depot 30 years ago: Mike Bishko, Susan Yezzi, the Rand Family, Mary Ann Pegler, Mary Ellen Cavanna, Jane Wolcott, Alison Meloy, Susan Schroeder, Bruno Construction (Joe, Jeff and David Bruno), Rob Young , Don Sibilio, Rob Williamson, David Dever, David Osherow and Al Hogan.

Please come support this vital town asset and be a part of ensuring that it remains a part of our community. Tickets cost $150. You can get them today online.

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