Darien Library Again Ranked One of Top Libraries in the U.S. by Library Journal

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Darien Library has been designated a five-star library by Library Journal for the 12th time in the 12 years that the magazine has been ranking libraries nationwide in its index.

— an announcement from Darien Library

“A five-Star ranking by Library Journal is a recognition of how much the Darien community values and uses the library,” said library Director Alan Kirk Gray. “Out of more than 9,000 libraries nationwide, only 85 are ranked at the top.

“That’s both a measure of Darien Library’s great staff and the overwhelming support of the community and our users. It’s also a spur for us to make sure we continue to provide great customer service every day.”

The ranking came in Library Journal’s list of American Star Libraries 2019, part of the LJ Index of Public Library Service.

About the LJ Index

For the past twelve years, Library Journal has used data from the U.S.’s Institute of Museum and Library Services to determine which public library qualify for their Index. From the 6,333 libraries that qualified, 261 libraries were rated with stars from three to five.

Since The LJ Index requires libraries to meet six criteria, not all U.S. public libraries were in consideration.

The libraries’ ranking on the Index is determined by the numbers of Wi-Fi sessions, “total circulation, circulation of electronic materials, library visits, program attendance, and public internet computer use” per capita and within a funding amount category says the LJ website.

More information about America’s Star Libraries 2019 can be found online, here.

About Darien Library

Darien Library is among the busiest in the state with over 1,300 people visiting on an average day, the highest per capita circulation in Connecticut, with more than 32 items per resident, and nearly a quarter of a million Wi-Fi and computer uses a year.

The Library collection includes 125,000 books and 300 newspaper and magazine subscriptions. In addition, the library presents over 1,500 public events annually, hosting a lineup of bestselling authors, the latest in coding and technology classes, and workshops for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

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