Darien High School Delegation to Model Congress Wins Several Awards

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In early December, when Darien High School’s Model Congress delegation attended the annual Yale Model Congress weekend, several DHS students came back home with awards.

— an announcement from the Darien High School Model Congress Club; reporter: Club Secretary Aria Muchhal

As always, the DHS delegation was successful, in terms of the awards ceremony and attitude.

The delegates were polite, engaged, and kind, and several won awards. Tripp Lyons and Henry Kanlian received Best Delegate awards, Peter McLean and Mike Mercein won Best Legislation, and Christian DaSilva accepted an Honorable Mention for his role as Secretary of State in the Presidential Cabinet.

DHS Model Congress Club

Photo from Darien High School

Christian DaSilva, Juliana Raia, Alex Domittner, Trip Lyons (Congressional Whip), Peter McLean (Vice President), Henry Kanlian, Julia Pfrommer (President), Allen Shao, Mike Mercein, and Bruce Clarke (Advisor).

As a small delegation of ten people, the group was considered for a Small Delegation Award which DHS has won three times in the past.

For a smaller club at Darien High School, Model Congress was quite successful and good things are expected for future conferences.

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