Darien Founder of Health Insurance Consulting Firm Launches Free Video Series

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Here’s a way to learn about the intricacies of health insurance coverage from one of the leading authorities in the U.S. – all without spending a dime.

Maura Carley of Darien, founder and president of the health insurance consulting firm Healthcare Navigation LLC, also headquartered in town, has launched a free video series to educate people on basic health insurance coverage topics.

— an announcement from Healthcare Navigation LLC

Each week, Carley and key staff focus on a different aspect of health insurance. Carley has already produced three segments.

Maura Carley

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Maura Carley of Darien, founder and president of health insurance consulting firm Healthcare Navigation LLC.

Health Insurance Basics includes brief videos on terms and concepts everyone should understand – the deductible, coinsurance, the network, COBRA coverage and the pros and cons of selecting it, and others.

There is also a Frequently Asked Questions segment and two “Our Story” videos introducing Healthcare Navigation and the channel. Segments on Medicare as well as managing your coverage are in production.

Carley says the purpose of the video series is to educate people who may be confused by their health insurance coverage and how they can learn more about the coverage options that are available to them. Healthcare coverage, Carley stresses, is one of the most important financial protections we have.

“We have received too many desperate calls over the years from people who did not understand their coverage, which resulted in gaps in coverage and medical bills they didn’t expect,” Carley says. “So often these situations are entirely avoidable. Education is essentially personal risk management and is so vitally important.”

Carley’s health insurance videos can be viewed by clicking here, or you can watch on the Healthcare Navigation YouTube channel.

Each video is accompanied by written information. Before founding Healthcare Navigation in 1999, Carley worked for decades in a variety of executive management positions for a physician management company in New York City, Kaiser Permanente, Yale-New Haven Hospital and Stamford Hospital.

Armed with years of critical knowledge about health insurance and the healthcare industry, Carley’s firm provides fee-based consulting for people who want support managing their coverage on an ongoing basis as well as those facing a transition in coverage of any kind.

Carley states that the Medicare Coverage transition service has grown substantially in recent years because of increased complexity, the importance of understanding income-indexing, and some of the aggressive and at times misleading pitches to those on Medicare during open enrollment season.

“Understanding healthcare coverage will serve you and your family well forever,” Carley says. She encourages people to tune in each week and let family members and friends know the videos are available.

She also welcomes feedback and suggestions on other topics of interest. Healthcare Navigation’s corporate office is located in Darien, but there are satellite offices in New York City, Chicago, and Bonita Springs, Florida.

For more information, call the corporate office at 203.655.2614 or email info@healthcarenavigation.com.

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