Biomedical Science Talks by Darien High School Students at Darien Library

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Two of Darien High School’s Science Honor Society students will talk about biomedical science Thursday, March 3 at Darien Library.

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Science Splash lectures

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Twice a month, learn something new about a fascinating science topic chosen and presented by one of our very own DHS Science Honor Society students.

Avery Horn and Shafay Salman will lecture about “Harnessing the Immune System to Fight Cancer” and “The Muscle Rehabilitation Process.”

The talks are part of the “Science Splash” series, twice-a-month lectures about a science topic chosen and presented by DHS Science Honor Society students.

If You’re Going …

This event will take place on Thursday, March 3 at 6 p.m. Register on Darien Library’s website here.

Need help registering? Email Mia Orobona at

About the Presenters

Avery Horn is a junior who is extremely passionate about biomedical science. She plans to study medicine and perform research in the future and is currently in the Authentic Science Research class at DHS. She is also involved in the Darien Animal Welfare group and Current literary magazine at DHS.

Shafay Salman is a junior at Darien High School who loves science. He is currently taking AP Chemistry, and is enrolled in a three-year authentic science research program.

He has been researching muscle rehabilitation since the beginning of his sophomore year, and is excited to continue his research and find new information on the topic.

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