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Board of Selectmen Approve $48.2 Million Town Budget, Passing It to Board of Finance

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Just before voting to pass a $48,194,755 town budget recommendation to the Board of Finance, the Board of Selectmen on Monday decided to cut $400,000 worth of improvements to the Short Lane property added to Weed Beach Park and make other, much smaller adjustments. Selectmen also said a bill of $435,000 for Darien’s share of teacher retirement benefits will also likely be approved by the state, and the state’s Education Cost Sharing grant that goes to town coffers is also now expected to come in this year. The amount, not specified during the budget meeting, wasn’t expected when the town administrator’s budget proposal was first presented to selectmen. That grant money goes to the town budget, not the Board of Education budget. As part of a package of budget recommendations, selectmen also approved a total of $10.5 million in separate budgets for capital and operating expenditures for town sanitary sewers and parking. Continue Reading →

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