Twitter April 20, 2018 Daniel Skoumbros Darien Officer

How Darien Police Are Working with Schools in Town to Protect Students

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Not only is a significant part of the town population in Darien schools when school is in session, but 13 police officers are assigned to visit the schools regularly, staying informed about and familiar with the buildings, the staff and meeting the students. At a recent Police Commission meeting, Police Chief Raymond Osborne pointed out the work done by police in the schools and, separately, informed the commission that officers in the Youth Division attended a school security conference in Massachusetts for the first time. School Security Conference
Detectives James Palmieri and Mark Cappelli, as well as Darien High School’s School Resource Officer Bryan Wallman recently attended a school safety conference at Woodstock Academy in the town of Woodstock, Osborne said. “They’re engaging with school and safety professionals and [attending] relevant sessions on active shooter response, security on school campuses, student mental health issues and critical decision-making,” he said. “We sent all three of our Youth [Division] people up there to get a little more well-versed on that kind of stuff.