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‘No Way That Toll Money Won’t Be Misused’ — Nobody Trusts Hartford: Cameron on Transportation

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Nobody trusts Hartford. If cynicism is a disease, we’re in the midst of an epidemic. Since last fall, I’ve been touring the state speaking to groups large and small about Connecticut’s transportation crisis, about the $5 billion we need to just get Metro-North back in a state of good repair, about the hundreds of deficient bridges and potholed highways, and and about the futility of depending mostly on the gasoline tax to fund long-needed repairs. And when I got to the part in my talk pitching what I see as the necessity of tolls, safeguarded in the recently approved Special Transportation Lockbox, most audiences turned on me. While there were a few true-believers who trust in the state’s role in keeping our transportation in a state of good repair, the vast majority in my readers don’t believe the State Transportation Fund (STF) is truly locked.


Public Hearing on State Toll Proposals Starts at 11 AM in Hartford on Wednesday

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On Wednesday, March 6, the state Legislature’s Joint Transportation Committee will hold a public hearing on two bills concerning tolls: H.B. 7202, the governor’s bill, and H.B. 7280, a bill introduced by the legislative majority, state Rep. Terrie Wood said Tuesday in an email to constituents. From Wood’s announcement:

The hearing begins at 11 a.m. in room 1E of the Legislative Office Building (LOB). The sign up to speak (testify) starts at 10 a.m. and runs to 12 noon in the lobby of the Legislative Office Building (LOB). Public officials are typically allowed the first hour to testify and then on an alternating basis with the public thereafter. You will also need to submit testimony online atTRAtestimony@cga.ct.gov. Spoken testimony must be three minutes or less.

No Tolls rally Feb 23 2019

Protest Against Connecticut Tolls Attracts 100 on Saturday in Downtown Stamford

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About 100 people against proposals for tolls in Connecticut rallied with protest signs on Saturday in front of Stamford Government Center at Washington and Tresser boulevards. — This article previously was published by GreenwichFreePress.com. At times the honking horns were deafening as passionate anti-toll protesters with ‘No to Tolls’ signs and handmade posters waved to cars and trucks. Patrick Sasser, a founder of NoTollsCT, who runs a small excavating business and owns two dump trucks with his brothers, said he was pleased with the turnout, which numbered over 100. “It’s cold out and people are out here anyway,” Sasser said.