Library Winter 03-13-17

Darien Library Announces HVAC Work Project, Trading Some Discomfort Now for Less, Later

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You may hear some noise in parts of Darien Library, starting this Friday, Oct. 11 and continuing into December, and feel some cooler temperatures for a month, starting this Tuesday, Oct. 15 as work is done on the building’s HVAC system, the library just announced. The project to improve the heating-ventilation-air conditioning system is meant to allow the library to stay a little warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, according to the announcement. “Due to the nature of the work, we anticipate that there will be less heat on the Second Level and Mezzanine between Oct.

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Parking Restricted in Darien Library Lot Starting Monday, Feb 18

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Starting Monday and continuing through mid-June, the parking lot at Darien Library could be more difficult to park in — and impossible for some when popular events are going on. New wells are being drilled under the parking lot for the library’s geothermal heating and cooling system, and that will take up some parking spaces at various spots. “We will have a parking attendant to help direct traffic during days with significant programs or high traffic,” the library recently announced. “Our overflow lot on Thorndal Circle is available on the evenings and weekends,” the library said in an announcement last week. The library says it will provide regular updates to the public throughout the project.

Darien Library 04-05-17

Wells to be Dug in Darien Library Parking Lot from February to June

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Darien Library on Thursday announced that a well-digging project will be done in its parking lot starting in February and continuing through June. Expect fewer parking spaces. “The interior of the building will be largely unaffected during this project,” the library announced. But “the Library has advised that parking will be impacted while the new wells are being drilled in some parts of the parking lot.” Your Guide to Parking at Darien Library

Parking at the library can be a problem: You may find the parking lot has no free spaces during popular events, as sometimes happens already (the library is more popular than was expected when the new, larger building opened up 10 years ago).