PJ protest march June 7 2020

SIDEBAR: Three Speeches from Sunday’s Black Live’s Matter March

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These were three speeches given before or after at Sunday’s Black Lives Matter march through Darien. You can find quotes from them and other speeches in this related article, but these full texts may add to further understanding the event:

Editor’s note: These statements were recorded, although occasionally [as noted within brackets] some of the words couldn’t be heard. PJ’s Speech
One speaker, identified only as “PJ,”:

I moved here 22 years ago with my family. I’m very proud of my children, very proud of their voice, and I want to add something to their voice. I want to add something to this town that I love, this town that I grew up in, this town I live in, this town that I work in, this town where my friends are, and everything.

Donald Anderson Darien Police Chief

Police Chief: While COVID-19 Reduces In-Person Contact, Some Police Services Are Being Dropped

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Please don’t drop off unused prescription medications at the Police Department during the COVID-19 epidemic, or apply for a tag sale or solicitor permit from the department, and don’t drop off gifts of food there either, Police Chief Donald Anderson said in an announcement Thursday. That’s because, like everyone else, police are trying to keep as much social distance as possible during the epidemic, he said. Police have stopped non-criminal fingerprint services for the same reason. And for the same reason, some policing may even be done on the phone rather than face-to-face. Please call the department’s non-emergency number for anything you need from police that isn’t an emergency.