Caroline McGrath square thumbnail Darien Historical Society Community Fund of Darien 2019 volunteer recognition

Thank You, Carolyn McGrath, for Your Volunteer Work at the Darien Historical Society

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Thank you, Carolyn McGrath for your volunteer work on many critical projects for the Darien Historical Society. —This article is part of a series of daily articles profiling the volunteers recognized in May at the Darien annual volunteer recognition luncheon organized by the Community Fund of Darien. Carolyn McGrath’s Efforts with the Darien Historical Society
A member of the Darien Historical Society’s Board of Directors for a number of years and current co-chair of the House and Grounds Committee, Carolyn has lent her expertise and talents to countless critical projects, even going so far as serving as the society’s interim executive director in 2017. From leading development initiatives to organizing the society’s social calendar, Carolyn’s commitment to the mission of the society is evident. As current co-chair of the House and Grounds Committee, her organizational skills are evident in every room of the facility, and even from the outside.

Spittoon Shards of History Exhibit Darien Historical Society

Curator Available Sunday to Talk About New Darien Historical Society Display of 19th Century Pottery

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A spittoon, beer bottle and milk pan are part of a unique collection of Norwalk Pottery items featured in the exhibition “Shards of History” now at the Darien Historical Society. Richard Prowse, a longtime collector of Norwalk Pottery, will discuss the display and answer questions on Sunday, Nov. 17 from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Darien Historical Society. The display features several stoneware and redware pieces manufactured in Norwalk during the 1800s, when that city was known throughout the United States for producing top-quality pottery. “Glazed pottery items were once as ubiquitous as Tupperware is today,” said Prowse, who with Tracy Goodnow, loaned the pieces to the Museum and co-curated the exhibition.