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Darien Police Offer Advice on Staying Safe During the Holidays

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Happy Holidays! The men and women of the Darien Police Department hope you have a wonderful time celebrating with your friends, family, and neighbors. __________

— an announcement from Darien Police Department


To ensure a peaceful holiday season, please consider the following safety tips:

If you’re planning to go out of town for the holidays, let a trustworthy neighbor know so that they can keep an eye on your home. Don’t hide a key outside the house! Consider placing a hold on your mail and newspaper delivery.

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While You’re on Vacation, Don’t Let Burglars in

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An announcement from Darien Police:

Home security tips while you’re on vacation: 

An empty house is a tempting target for a burglar so make sure you do your best to have your home look occupied while you are away:

Ask close friends, family, or neighbors to watch your house. Give them your contact information in case they need to get a hold of you. Never announce your intention on traveling or vacationing blogs, email groups, Facebook, Twitter, or other social networking sites and remember if you check-in on Foursquare or Facebook, everyone knows you aren’t home! Install good locks on the doors and windows and use them. Never leave a house key hidden outside of your home.