Presentation on the Living Seed Bank Initiative, Thursday at Gardener’s Center and Florist

Darien Pollinator Pathway Sign

Photo from the Darien Nature Center website

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Darien Pollinator Pathway presents Dina Brewster, executive director of the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Connecticut (CT NOFA), who will talk about the Living Seed Bank Initiative — what it is and why it is so important for the Pollinator Pathway.

an announcement from the Darien Pollinator Pathway

Brewster will discuss the importance of wild seed collection in our eco region and talk about the project that will usher the seeds through propagation and into pollinator habitats in Darien and other Connecticut towns.

After the keynote by Brewster, guests can visit the information tables for Seed Collection, Founder Plots, Growers, Retailers, Pollinator Pathway, and Darien Land Trust. Light refreshments will be served.

  • This event will be held at the Gardener’s Center & Florist, 1396 Post Road

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