Police Find Evidence Burglary Attempt at Stephanie Lane Home

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After a 71-year-old Stephanie Lane resident told police she found a basement window had been broken and she had heard noises at night, Darien police found more evidence of an attempted burglary.

Police gave this account of what happened:

Sometime after 9 p.m., Sunday, April 8, the woman, who was in her upstairs bedroom, heard some kind of activity around the bulkhead doors leading into her basement from outside the house. At about the same time, she heard glass breaking somewhere downstairs.

She looked around on the first floor but found nothing amiss. At that point, she didn’t call police.

But on Thursday morning, April 12, she saw broken glass on the basement floor, and she noticed a basement window had been broken. It also looked like an alarm sensor had been tampered with. That’s when she called police  (at 11:22 a.m.).


Police went to the house and looked around, but it appeared that nothing had been taken and it seems no burglar entered the house.

While looking outside, officers saw a set of footprints on top of the bulkhead doors. The woman said the footprints weren’t hers.

She told police the house does have a security system, but it wasn’t activated that night. Police detectives looked for fingerprints and similar evidence at the scene, and the investigation isn’t over.

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