Photo from the Maritime Aquarium


They may lack a brain but cnidarians have conquered the oceans, from the shallow seas to the darkest depths. Discover this tentacled, stinging and mysterious group of animals through The Maritime Aquarium’s diverse collection.

We’ll explore the complex life cycles of jellies through the Aquarium’s Culture Lab, see the Aquarium’s effort to rescue the Florida Reef Tract, and learn more about the unique relationship between anemones and clown-fish.

If You’re ‘Attending’ …


The Maritime Aquarium is using Zoom to deliver virtual programming right to your home! In advance of the virtual program, please visit or download the Zoom app to your mobile device.

Recommended for All Ages | One registration per family | Please provide the supervising adult’s information for registration.

There is a suggested donation of $10 per program to The Maritime Fund, which you can give to right before check-out! With your support The Maritime Aquarium can continue to offer vital and enriching virtual programs to families here in the U.S. and across the globe!

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