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Police: Woman Who Drove Into Concrete Wall Charged With DUI, Drug Possession

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A 42-year-old woman who drove across the Post Road and into a retaining wall last December has been charged with driving under the influence and drug possession, Darien police said. Police provided this account, including accusations not proven in court:

On Dec. 13, Ali Bullock drove through the intersection of the Post Road and Ledge Roads and into the concrete wall that forms the abutment for the bridge carrying Interstate 95 there. Bullock appeared to be in an altered state of mind, according to officers at the scene, one of whom smelled a strong odor of marijuana, along with a strong chemical odor which the officer recognized as PCP (also known as phencyclidine). At least one of several small glassine bags found in the car were later tested, with positive results for pot and PCP.