This Home on Hollow Tree Went for $1,510,000 and Other Darien Home Sales

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These properties recently were sold in Darien, according to records in the Town Clerk’s Office:

100 Hollow Tree Ridge Road sold 11-16-17

100 Hollow Tree Ridge Road, Darien


—3 Althea Lane — Mollie Callogy to Stuart Parker and Laura Parker, sold Nov. 7, filed Nov. 9, $3,150,000

—100 Hollow Tree Ridge Road — Jason Pokorny and Pamela Pokorny to Henry Blackford and Marguerite Blackford, sold Nov. 10, filed Nov. 13, $1,510,000 — PICTURED

—153 West Ave. — Gregory Rachinsky and Cara Rachinsky to Jason Pokorny and Pamela Pokorny, sold Nov. 9, filed Nov. 13, $1,387,500

—49 Dubois St. — David Reckin and Sherryn Reckin to Anthony D’Souza and Amy D’Souza, sold Nov. 13, filed Nov. 14, $1,650,000

—26 Peach Hill Road — Michael McGuire Jr. and Maja McGuire to Jeffrey Brown, sold Nov. 10, filed Nov. 11 [a Saturday and a holiday, we just noticed, so this must be incorrect — editor], $1,500,000


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