Police: No Domestic Violence Charges After a 911 Call — But a Charge For Someone Who Blocks Another From Completing Call

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Police responding to a 911 call about a domestic incident said they found there was was arguing involved, but didn’t say there was violence — and nobody was charged with a domestic violence crime.

But a man hung up the phone when the 911 call was made by the other person, police said, and that resulted in charges against him.

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State Lawmakers Explore What Can Be Done About Youths Stealing Cars Across the State

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State legislators from both parties recently started more active discussions on what can be done about youths stealing cars across the state, a problem that’s festered for years.

In a related development, state Rep. Terrie Wood told constituents Thursday afternoon that she’s joined other lawmakers in petitioning for a special session of the state Legislature to address the problem.

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Police: Traffic Stop Caused by Suspicious License Plate Leads to Arrest of Driver on Unrelated Warrant

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When a police officer on patrol saw that a license plate check of a car going east on the Post Road showed that the state had no record for that plate, the officer pulled the car over, police said.

The traffic stop (near the intersection of the Post Road and Cross Street) resulted in the arrest of the driver, who was charged with something completely unrelated — violation of a protective order telling her to keep away from another person. That person was also in the car, sitting next to the driver.