Police Boat Rescues Dunked Kayaker Who Was in Choppy Water for About Half an Hour

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A kayaker whose boat capsized in the area of Long Neck Point was rescued about half a mile from Noroton Bay in the Darien police boat late Friday morning by officers in the Darien police boat.

The kayaker, who had set off from Stamford with his father, was found clinging to his overturned boat when there were swells of three to four feet and strong winds on Long Island Sound, police said.

Sgt. James Palmieri, the department spokesman, listed the incident time as 10:41 a.m., but Palmieri says he only goes by the time on the official blotter, which is frequently incorrect. For years, Police Department spokesmen have had difficulty figuring out the exact time of an incident.

police boat Darien police boat

Photo from Darien P.D.

“Darien 127,” the Darien police boat, was bought in 2016.

Officers James Martin and Lou Gannon responded to a call from the man’s father, who was out kayaking with him but who told police he had lost sight of him in that area and couldn’t find him.

Police got the man on-board the police boat. He told them he didn’t think he had any medical problems, but he was exhausted after being in the water for about half an hour.

Both the son and father were taken to Cove Beach in Stamford.

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