Hey, This Is Science! Kansas City Chiefs Will Win Superbowl LVIII (According to Rascal)

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Are you ready for it? Following a swift dive to the bottom of The Maritime Aquarium’s harbor seal habitat, Rasal picked up a red toy torpedo, signifying her prediction that the Kansas City Chiefs will win Super Bowl LVIII.

 — an announcement from The Maritime Aquarium

Rasal has a reputation to protect this year after correctly predicting the Kansas City Chiefs to win in 2023. Her current record is 2-3. Overall, the Aquarium’s seals have a 5-7 record.

 “Our Super Bowl pick is an exciting opportunity for us to spotlight our animal training program here at the Aquarium,” said Senior Trainer Dylan Salamone. “Rasal’s underwater retrieval behavior is one of many behaviors that we practice with her that helps us to assess her physical and psychological well-being.”  

While training can be a form of enrichment, it also plays an important role in allowing animals to participate in their own healthcare. The Aquarium’s trainers and harbor seals regularly practice behaviors that allow for the administration of medication, veterinary examinations, and the movement of animals to different locations.  

 Rasal is 38 years old and has lived at The Maritime Aquarium since 2005. She is one of six harbor seals that live in the 160,000-gallon habitat, Pinniped Cove. Prior to her aquarium life, Rasal received training from the United States Navy.  

 Visitors can watch seal training demonstrations daily 11:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m., and 3:30 p.m. For more info, visit The Maritime Aquarium website.

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