Midnight Plunge From Tokeneke Road Into Five Mile River Results in Death for One, Resuscitation for the Other

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Late Thursday night, just before midnight, a Nissan Rogue on Tokeneke Road plummeted into the Five Mile River in a crash that left one person dead and a survivor being resuscitated at the scene, Darien police said.

A police announcement said the  survivor’s condition wasn’t known as of Friday morning.

According to police:

The SUV was being driven east on Tokeneke Road when it crossed into the westbound lanes, left the roadway and then into the river.

When Darien police arrived at the scene just after midnight, they found the vehicle almost completely submerged in the freezing water. Debris from the crash could be seen floating south in the outgoing tide.

Officers soon found a victim floating face down in the current about 100 yards from the accident

Two officers jumped into the water and brought the unresponsive victim to a nearby dock. They rescusitated the victim, who was turned over to Darien EMS-Post 53 and later taken to a hospital.

When Darien Fire Department firefighters, equipped with cold water gear, entered the water and began searching for additional victims. They found one still in the submerged vehicle. That victim was turned over to the EMS crew and taken to a hospital but was later pronounced dead.

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