Lemonade Stand Contributions Lead to Ferret Time for Four Darien Kids

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Two local families recently organized a lemonade stand and donated the proceeds to the Darien Nature Center.

— an announcement from Darien Nature Center

Caroline and Catherine Gies, along with Claris and Vivian Flannery, set up their stand on Knollwood Lane for two hours on Labor Day. They charged a few quarters for lemonade and snow cones, and ended up raising a total of $162!

Lemonade Stand Nature Center Ferrets

When you’ve got lemonade, make contributions.

When the girls stopped by to gift that money to the Nature Center, they shared some special playtime with the organization’s three resident ferrets, Winston, Frankie, and Biagio.

Thank you to the Gies and Flannery families!

Lemonade Stand Ferrets Darien Nature Center

Gies and Flannery girls with ferrets.

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