Fairfield County Animal Shelter to Close, Asks Public to Adopt Pets in Danger of Being Euthanized

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SPCA of Connecticut in Monroe is closing. Some are sad. Others are relieved.

The property where the shelter operates at 359 Spring Hill Rd in Monroe is under foreclosure and going to Auction on May 6, 2023.

— This article was originally published by GreenwichFreePress.com.

press release issued Feb 28 quotes a volunteer saying, “We are most concerned that any animal not adopted or placed in another shelter would be at high risk of being euthanized.”

As of March 6, 2023, the SPCA of Connecticut, which is not affiliated with the ASPCA or SPCA International, said on its home page says that 13 dogs and 6 cats still need homes.

“Many of these cats and dogs are in perfect health, are socialized, and are highly adoptable. Some of these cats and dogs, while loving and affectionate, are older and/or have medical conditions. There are also a significant number of very shy or otherwise behaviorally less desirable animals that need patient homes understanding of their special needs….We are most concerned that any cats or dogs not adopted would be at high risk of being euthanized. This letter is a desperate plea for their lives.”

GoFundMe page to raise money for for vet care and re-homing animals had exceeded its $25,00 goal, with over $27,000 as of March 6.

SPCA of Connecticut was opened by Fred Acker in 1999.

Over the years Acker has had two convictions on charges of animal cruelty.

Fred Acker of SPCA of Connecticut in court

GreenwichFreePress.com photo by Leslie Yager

Charged with animal cruelty, then director of SPCA of Connecticut, Fred Acker during a break in court proceedings, Litchfield Courthouse, December 2012.

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