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Webinar on Feb 8: How to Coach Your Teen or Tween to Make Better Decisions in Tricky Social Situations

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Thriving Youth Darien and two other area organizations are sponsoring a webinar on  how to help your teen/tween make healthy decisions, especially about substance abuse, and particularly at parties and other social events. The workshop will also offer tips for talking about the potential risks and consequences of substance use — its impact on physical health, mental well-being, academic performance, and future opportunities. — an announcement from Thriving Youth Darien
The Problem
The Thriving Youth Darien 2023 Youth Survey of 6th-12th graders showed that the most significant increases in alcohol use happen between 8th and 9th grade, and then again between 11th and 12th grade – most often at a party or with friends at a home. How can you help your kids stay safe & manage tricky social situations? More About the Webinar
Joyce Sixsmith, Darien High School’s connections counselor, and John Hamilton, president and CEO of Liberation Programs, will speak at the Feb.